Oppo Reno12 Pro 5G in for review

Oppo Reno12 Pro 5G in for review
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This is the Oppo Reno12 Pro – a svelte and sexy-looking phone that just made its global debut.

There has been a Reno12 Pro for the Chinese market since May, but this is a slightly different phone. It swaps the Dimensity 9200+ for a less powerful but more efficient Dimensity 7300-Energy. The phone ships with nothing more than a USB cable, there’s no charger in the box of the global version.

Oppo Reno12 Pro 5G in for review

Upfront is a 6.7-inch OLED with a 120Hz refresh rate and a slightly peak brightness of 1,200 nits. But it’s not the display itself that grabs the attention here – it’s the quad-curved corners. The phone feels very upmarket thanks to the gentle curve on all sides. The premium feel is slightly offset by the cheap and sharp preinstalled plastic protector, but you can peel that off in a matter of seconds.

Oppo Reno12 Pro 5G in for review

Then there’s the rear of the phone, its true highlight. Ours is the Nebula Silver and it has what Oppo calls Fluid Ripple Texture under the smooth surface.

It’s a lovely effect that we’d compare to a satin curtain that’s flowing on a gentle wind.

Oppo Reno12 Pro 5G in for review

The curved front and rear panels are in contrast with the flat frame. The Reno12 Pro sits firmly in the hand and is a joy to use.

Oppo Reno12 Pro 5G in for review

That’s all we have for now. More coming soon – keep watching this space!

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