Google brings Gemini to the Gmail side panel

Google brings Gemini to the Gmail side panel
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Google is putting Gemini in the side panel of all its major platforms, such as Docs, Sheets, and Slides, and today, it is also rolling out the AI-powered assistant to Gmail.

The service uses the Gemini 1.5 Pro model with a longer context window and more advanced reasoning. It can be used to summarize an email thread, suggest responses, help draft an email or perform a smart search for specific information in emails.

Google brings Gemini to the Gmail side panel

Some examples Google gave that we can ask Gemini are « What was the PO number for my agency? » and « When is the next team meeting? » and a reply will follow without « having ever to leave Gmail », a press release said.

Starting today, Gemini can also be used in the Gmail app on Android and iOS to analyze email threads and see a summarized view with the key highlights. The key reason for the improvement is to help people with their time reading through long email threads on a smaller screen. Another feature, called Contextual Smart Reply and Gmail Q&A is coming soon for mobile devices.

Google brings Gemini to the Gmail side panel

The full rollout is beginning today. We should point out that it is available to Google Workspace customers with the Gemini Business and Enterprise add-on, Gemini Education and Education Premium add-ons, and Google One AI Premium.


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