Samsung Galaxy A35 gets disassembled on video, receives high reparability score

Samsung Galaxy A35 gets disassembled on video, receives high reparability score
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Samsung launched the Galaxy A35 last month as a lower-end counterpart to the A55, and together these seem to be the Korean company’s mid-range heroes for 2024, each covering a distinct price point.

If you’ve been wondering what the insides of the Galaxy A35 look like, then you’re in luck because YouTube channel PBKreviews has just completed a full disassembly and reassembly of the A35, and of course filmed it for our enjoyment. So let’s watch.

To get inside the A35, a hairdryer is your friend apparently, and it all starts with taking the glass back plate off, which reveals a lot of screws that need unscrewing. Then it’s down to disconnecting a lot of cables, removing the mainboard which contains the rear cameras, SIM and memory card reader, as well as the chips. More cable disconnections and one screw unscrewing later, the subboard comes out. The battery has a pull tab to help you remove it, and doing that reveals a big vapor chamber.

Once the disassembly is complete, the reassembly basically goes through the exact same steps but in reverse. In the end, the Galaxy A35 received an 8.5 out of 10 reparability score (where 10 means most repairable, and 0 means least repairable). The phone scored maximum points for parts availability and the ease of battery replacement, and high (but not maximum) points for the inside organization and time needed for repairs, the ease of replacing the screen, and the ease of replacing other miscellaneous parts.

Samsung Galaxy A35

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