Samsung Galaxy Z Flip6’s foldable screen to have a smaller crease

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip6's foldable screen to have a smaller crease
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Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip6 is coming this July alongside the Galaxy Z Fold6, and it’s apparently going to feature a small but important upgrade. According to a new report from Samsung’s home of Korea, the Flip6 will use thicker ultra-thin glass (UTG) than its predecessor.

This will result in a less pronounced crease running through the middle of the folding screen, which is obviously good news considering how a lot of Samsung’s competitors now boast minimal, if not downright indiscernible creases.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5

Interestingly, this won’t be achieved by changing the design of the hinge – the thicker UTG will instead to all the work. So don’t expect an invisible crease, but one that should be smaller nevertheless.

The report says the Flip6’s UTG thickness will be around 50μm, up from 30μm on the Flip5. Next year’s Galaxy Z Flip7 will allegedly get a new hinge, which will remove the crease even further.

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